WAIPU has an extremely critical opinion about the practice of players’ agents in general. A number of those agents seems to place their own interests above those of the players they represent. An unnecessarily large amount of money disappears from professional hockey through agents. As of now, not the right attention was given to this problem. WAIPU feels that it is time for a completely new approach in this field and is ready to put in place a monitor system of agents.

WAIPU wishes to set up together with IIHF a working group to tackle these problems.

WAIPU will continue to keep a critical eye on the activities of players’ agents.

There are five main problems regarding the activities of players’ agents:

WAIPU is optimistic that the a regulation will solve part of the problems described above. However, due to conflict of interst issues it is also clear that the players must have its say in the control of the agent since agents represents players.