Respect of Contracts

One of the main goals of WAIPU are to ensure that players receive their salary. The World Players’ Union requires and wants to further ensure that contracts be respected in full.

For WAIPU, the fulfilment of a professional employment agreement between a club and a player is the primary requirement for professional hockey.

Since the start of the economic crisis in 2008, different clubs have used this as an excuse or an argument to either not pay players or pay them less. WAIPU rejects this argument because it disrespects  employment agreements.

WAIPU respects existing national and international labour law and demands the same of clubs and federations. WAIPU urges IIHF to ensure that the national associations observe the relevant rules and to sanction those associations that do not enforce the payment obligations of their clubs. WAIPU is in favour of the introduction of a licence system and other mechanism who protects the salary of the players.

WAIPU wants to have agreed with IIHF minimum requirements for labour contracts to protect players also in countries where there is no collective bargaining agreement.